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     A great live music show has 3 elements:  

  • Lovely, soul massaging music;

  • Humor, whether smiling or guffawing; and

  • Singing or humming along.

     John Franklin brings each together.  Several of the songs will have a short, accompanying story that brings honest insight, a little history, and humor.  In the style of Arlo Guthrie, he tells a (mostly true!) story that makes it hard to not laugh at the characters and their follies.  Whether it's jury duty, evolution, or human disasters, you will find yourself smiling.  So, click on a button and hear an observation or two about the human condition.

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The absolutely true story of the Galveston, Texas, hurricaine.....

Humans walked from East Europe to South America....  Quite a roadtrip!!  

Song:  "Who Are You Listening To?"

Lyrics & Music by John Franklin

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