John Franklin

"Acoustic John"

Acoustic live "folk rock", humor, finger-picking guitar and vocal, in the Southern California, 50 years of performance.  AcousticJohn: to laugh and sing.

Retirement homes:
     You will not be charged
for at least the first show.  We owe our seniors!

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On the Road Again
Written by Willie Nelson

     First, I will admit a bias:  I love acoustic music.  Its natural (organic, if you will...) sound transcends musical eras, setting, and genres.  The sound of finger-picking on a Martin guitar has thrilled generations.

     Humor!!  It's good for the soul!!  John Franklin will intermix short but (mostly...) true stories to educate and amuse!!  Sounds like a good combo!!!

        Whether you are operating a coffee bar or a wine tasting, a wedding or social gathering, small or large, people enjoy a background of live music and gentle humor.  

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