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"Acoustic John"

     We are making use of "pandemic" downtime by re-working this web page & the music on it.  Also, at the request of music venues (and friends...), performance videos will be added.

     Hopefully, we will all be up and operating soon.  Stay safe.

On the Road Again
Written by Willie Nelson

Acoustic (a-cous-tic): “relating to, or being, a musical instrument whose sound is not electronically modified.”  Merriam-Webster.

     First, I will admit a bias:  I love acoustic music.  Its natural (organic, if you will...) sound transcends musical eras, setting, and genres.  The sound of a beautifully plucked guitar string on a Martin guitar has thrilled generations.

        Whether you are operating a coffee bar or a wine tasting, a wedding or social gathering, small or large, people enjoy a background of live music.   And, that is the key:  Background.  It is hard to imagine Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones providing background music.  But, "Wild Horses", a sweet love song by the Stones played softly in finger style play, is a very satisfying background for any event.

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